Trick or treat?

Karen Hughes at her job of frightening young Asians.

Speaking of Halloween, one of the scariest women in government that I have ever seen is leaving Prez Gee Dubya as the last Texan standing. Karen Hughes, who was Bush’s mother-protector as press secretary when Bush was Texas governor, is leaving her post as global goodwill ambassador at the State Department and is going home to most likely make someone’s life miserable back here in Texas.

Having watched Hughes in action on many occasions when she would accompany Bush on his official goober-na-torial visits, I found her to be rather intimidating. She seemed incapable of providing any feelings of warmth, instead she would seem as if she might jump up in front of Bush before anything might happen to him, knocking down state police guarding the governor if they got in her way.

Oh well, I’m sure she is a fine person and her family loves her. But if someone who looks like Hughes shows up at your door tonight hollering “trick or treat,” I think it would be wise to run like hell.

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