Tote that laptop, load that Dell, take a little drink and you’ll land in … oh what the hell!

The last few days have been spent in what is now a too-common exercise. That is loading and reloading programs on my computer. Dell sent a repair person on Friday to fix my laptop. That visit included installing a new hard drive and doing whatever they do to repair a problem touch pad.

This type of stuff has been happening increasingly. I don’t know how long it has been, but it seems not a very long time ago that I had to restore my operating system to factory settings. Look, I admit that doing these type of things aren’t an equivalent to neurosurgery. But that makes them no less a pain in the ass. I now have the basic programs I need, but I still require a thousand tasks every time I finish another.

I thought owning a computer would be easier than this. I suppose part of my reason for feeling this way is that I once only used a computer, or PCs, or Macs, at work. Mostly I used Apple products, Mac variations. I don’t know if Apple has less problems than other computers. The first computer I owned was a used Mac and I never had any issues. However, I also never lugged my old Macintosh three or four times a year on flights to here or there. Nor did I take my computer to work with me every day.

My work computer is a tablet/notebook, Lenovo. It seems to be pretty sturdy and it should be because it is made for lugging around and for use in the field on a daily basis. You can’t break it or so it seems. I know if I could stand it up aside a pole and fire away with a Remington 870, that we’d see about that. However, that’s only a dream.

Still, you buy what you can afford if you can’t afford it and that is me to a t, or is it tee? Or if you were a tree, what would you be? Who the hell knows. I am working an evening shift, so I better get dressed.


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