Trish in Dallas

Trish Murphy picks and sings at Bill’s Records in Dallas Posted by Hello

One week of being unemployed and I get Trish Murphy. Yessssssss!
I “worked” only a couple of hours today scanning the Internet and looking for jobs. I went to Bill’s Records in Dallas on Spring Valley where Trish Murphy was playing. What a dump! But what a magnificent dump. I think you could probably find Edison on record there, not to mention his psychedelic poster. This was my first time to hear Trish live and I was so very impressed.

I first heard her on the radio several years ago singing her “Concession Stand Song.” I have since then received her e-mails notifying fans of her upcoming shows. She is just a fabulous artist with a wonderful voice. Her songs are witty, insightful and fun. I guess I will have to buy her new CD “Girls Get In Free”
once I don’t have to worry about starving to death from unemployment.

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