Woman fingered in finger case

After years in the news biz, I can say without reservation that you just can’t make up some of the real news gems. The severed finger story is a good example. I read today that police arrested Anna Ayala She is the woman who claimed to have found a finger in her chili at a San Jose Wendy’s restaurant.

News like this gives headline writers the opportunity to come out of their caves (just kidding) and go to town with pearls such as:

Fast-food finger finder arrested CBC News
Wendy’s washes its hands of finger crisis Chicago Tribune

Since I am from Texas, I think I know a little bit about chili. I’ve even held great chili cook-offs in which the criteria for winning included staying lucid enough after three-or-60 beers to taste the bowl of red. I think that maybe Ms. Ayala doth complain too much. After eating Wendy’s chili, I can honestly say a little extra meat would make it finger-licking good. Oh my. I know. I should be ashamed. But I’m not.

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