Turbulent times in the Metroplex

My North Central Texas have been having a hair-raising time — most of them still have hair to raise for some reason — with tornadoes this afternoon. In that area during springtime, a young man’s fancy better turn to twisters or severe thunderstorm less they’ll be calling their insurance folks in a few days.

People talk about “Tornado Alley” — they maybe think of Kansas or Oklahoma or even the heart of Texas like Waco. Waco got flattened by a twister in the early 50s and they still talk a lot about it. But as I told my friend Bruce a bit ago on Facebook they have some real “humdingers” of severe storms in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

I remember an Easter weekend that I when staying with my friend Ross, who then lived in the Collin County town of Allen. His patio looked as if snow had fallen due to the massive bombardment of large hailstones. My truck, yes, the one I have driven for going on 13 years, was riveted with little hail bumps. I don’t remember why I never got it repaired. Oh yeah, they wanted too much money. Speaking of which, G the work car, got estimates today from its run-in with the little old lady from, wherever. Could be as much as $5K. At least I am not paying for it, directly at least. The estimators really can’t tell for sure what the costs will come to until they can open up the rear door.  Oh and it took me the better part of two days to get Sammy’s paperwork to all those who needed it. What a bunch of crap!

Anyway, I hope all my friends in the Metroplex Metromess are safe and their homes are as well without damage.