Conservative judicial activists strike again

Who knows how the Supreme Court decision on the Obama health care plan will come out. But already the Democrats are reversing their political fortunes and can run against “activist judges.” This time the activists are the conservatives of the Supremes, the four hardcore and one so-called “swing vote.” After a history which includes such golden oldies as Bush v. Gore and Citizens United v. FEC, the latest is a decision saying a person may be stripped search in jail for any offense. Driving without a license? Take off your clothes. Trespassing? Take off your clothes. Or as portrayed in the comical Arlo Guthrie monologue “Alice’s Restaurant Massacre” (pronounced “mass-a-cree” not massacre) littering, Arlo and friend would have ended up getting strip searched.

We can only hope Clarence Thomas or Antonin Scalia will be arrested for some petty offense that will let them “reap” from what they sow.