Two-smack, two-smack, too actors in one!

A post that I had begun writing a half-hour ago went totally to hell in a hand basket. In the midst of pulling up a few things I might put together came a wacky Hollywood urban legend that had me wondering if perhaps the myth had somehow infiltrated my brain.

The original post was a little thought about aging, how some people needed cosmetic help because of their work, and how others received such help due to true vanity. But screw it, that topic will have to wait for another day.

I saw a movie on Encore the other day but the stars that were to be the stars of my blog actually came from two movies on Encore. One movie was “The Last Boy Scout,” a 1991comedy thriller starring Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans. The other was “Blue Steel,” a 1989 action-drama which starred Jamie Lee Curtis and Ron Silver.

Both Willis and Curtis were in their 30s in the two movies. Willis actually looked younger than the character he played in the 1980s TV series that launched his career, “Moonlighting,” co-starring Cybill Shepherd. Both movies were already underway when I started watching them. Honestly, I didn’t even recognize Curtis. I thought to myself: “She kind of looks like Jamie Lee Curtis.”

Jamie Lee, I will call her that because that is how I will always know her, is one of those people whom I find beautiful even though others may not. And she looked awesome in the movie. As the film went on, I figured out that, yes, this was Jamie Lee. This was a younger, thinner, Jamie Lee. That is not to say that even though the aging, not-so-thin Jamie is still “fine as frog hair,” as they like to say here in the swamps of Texas and Louisiana.

Willis is an attractive man. I say that because some people have said at various times that I resembled him. We both had receding hairlines and now shave our heads about once a week. But I am not Willis, nor am I a Jamie Lee.

This urban myth I found or meme, or whatever you want to call it is that Willis and Jamie Lee morphed into the same person. A bunch of different Web sites discussed this. I suppose you might find those sites doing a little searching. But I don’t have time to dig them up for you. Sorry.

Both Willis and Jamie Lee are still very nice-looking people. I suppose the notion they are the same person would result in a an attractive Bruce Lee Curtis or Jamie Lee Willis. But they’re not the same person. So stop feeding this foolishness. You folks are making me crazy, even to mention such a myth.

Chow. No, I mean chow. It’s time to eat.