Verizon continues to stink at servicing my problems

What is wrong with these people?

I am speaking of Verizon Wireless. Let’s see, I’ve gone through five different wireless devices in slightly more than a month since “upgrading” to their 4G, or fourth generation of wireless telecommunications coverage. You know, the one they say provides “lightning” speed. I was advised after raising holy hell with the company that the two cell towers within a mile of where I was living were conflicting with other. When I moved up the street, for what I hope is temporarily, coverage is even worse. During peak usage hours I can’t even get 3G or no G coverage. Luckily, the hotel has pretty decent Wi-fi.

To attempt to get anything done I have had to hang up on Verizon people,  yell at them, threaten them with bad media exposure, just any damn measure which will get their attention. I have found that persistence is what usually pays off.

Still, I am baffled that a company that says they “care” about the customer would allow such crappy service to continually take place. So bewildered I was that I sent an e-mail to their Houston media relations office asking questions about that very same topic. I don’t know whether the media flak listed on their Web  site, Gretchen LeJeune, answers inquiries from bloggers/customers. I know so far, she has not replied and I am definitely not holding my breath.

I received my last replacement wireless internet device, a Samsung Hotspot, in six — count ’em — six different boxes. It looks like I will get this Novatel replacement in at least two. I managed to raise enough hell this afternoon that Verizon said they would cough up an extra 20 bucks to hopefully have me delivered a battery and back cover to the so-called “Mi-fi.” We shall see if that happens.

This is what I would call the definition of “bad” customer service. Maybe bad is a little too weak. But I will leave at that because I am worn out. I hope that you have a great Easter weekend, providing you deserve it.