Happy Monday. Or something.

I drove from Beaumont to Dallas today. I forgot that it is such a journey. I’m staying in the Omni, near the Convention Center. It’s a really nice hotel. I just happened to get a negotiated rate. Still, a nice view of the skyline. Business in the morning but waiting for my old friend Bruce to stop by after (his) work.

This end of Dallas is kind of old hat to me but it has been a few years since I’ve been this way. One may still get accosted for money or who knows what else when passing by the Greyhound station.

I am more familiar with downtown Dallas than with the central district of any other of the other top 10 American cities in population. That includes No. 4 Houston which is only 80 miles away from where I live. My familiarity is no big mystery why as I have worked a number of temp jobs in downtown Dallas or just wandered or watched a free concert or three at the West End. That was during my slightly longer than temporary stays in the D-FW area. There is a lot a truth in Jimmie Dale Gilmore’s lyrics from “Dallas” (“Have You Ever Seen Dallas From A DC-9 At Night.) Actually, Joe Ely, who is Gilmore’s bandmate in theThe Flatlanders made the song popular.

 “Dallas is a woman who will walk on you when you’re down

  But when you are up she’s the kind you like to take around … “

Anyone who spent desperate hours in Dallas can identify with the song although it probably has been awhile since DC-9s regularly flew over the city.

Here I am though with my feet 15 floors off the ground. Just sitting here looking at the city they (we) call Dallas.