Very newsy day

It’s a rich news day although I will not share my thoughts to any extent. I must trudge off to work in about an hour for a night shift. Yesterday I traveled to the Houston VA hospital for an injection in my left knee. I don’t know why I mentioned the knee shot except I didn’t do the blog yesterday. Here is the line up for the important news of the day:

CNN’s John King reports a suspect has been identified in the Boston bombing. The suspect supposedly is dark-skinned, leaving open for all the ethnocentric yahoos to rail against the Arabs or Pakistanis or even “Meskins.” Or maybe a Black person. That would make all the White Obama-haters happy. For more information, contact Cynics R Us.

Let the poison letters begin. Authorities say letters containing the poison ricin were found. The letters were sent to President Obama and to U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss. The poisonous letters were found at off-site mail centers. This is shades of the 2001 anthrax scare following 9/11.

Finally, law enforcement officers in North Texas just announced the arrest of a former judge’s wife in connection with the murders of the Kaufman County district attorney and his wife. Kim Williams is also charged with the death of an Assistant D.A. who was shot and killed as he walked to work at the county courthouse. Charges have not yet been filed against Eric Williams, the former Kaufman County justice of the peace who was found guilty for theft of county equipment. Officers searched the Williams’ home over the weekend as well as a storage facility. Among the items found in storage was a white unmarked Ford Crown Victoria with a spotlight mounted on the driver side and black wall tires and no hub caps. The car looks like thousands of cars used by detectives and investigators across the country.

That’s it. Now let’s see what happens.

UPDATE: CNN Contributor reports authorities have arrested a suspect in the Boston bombings. We shall see.



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