Waiting for Gustav, Act I

TS Gustav’s Cone of Incertitude targets New Orleans for now, but what about later?

Since tropical storm systems have decided once again to target areas of the Gulf coast other than Florida, those of us who got by so many years without them have learned a few virtues. Patience comes to mind and it is a virtue I have long been lacking. But the truth is if you worry about what you are going to do or not going to do on Labor Day because you might or might not get clobbered by a hurricane your head might just turn into a big, old hunk of smoldering madness which might explode into a general messiness.

Tropical Storm and now depression or less, Fay, should be a great example of just never knowing what a tropical system may do. Fay might just stick around and decide to see parts unheard of for its kind such as North Dakota or Salt Lake City. A year from now, Fay might just come calling, knock on your door and ask to crash on the couch. “Whew, I just flew in from Omaha and boy are my arms tired!”

So once again we wait to see what the tropical system might be and then where it might be followed by how bad or how innocuous it might be. Might as well, too wet to plow.

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