Wasting time during the holidays

One positive aspect of the holidays, especially New Year’s, is the marathons of various syndicated television reruns. Among those I watched over the weekend were episodes of “Seinfeld” and “Twilight Zone.”

All the “Seinfeld” episodes were good but my favorite played during this marathon was “The Voice” episode. It involved the quandry Jerry found himself in: Giving up a funny voice that he and his friends were doing or having his girlfriend leave him. I mean, the answer is obvious isn’t it? The girlfriend has to go. What I’ve always liked about “Seinfeld” is the sub-plots. Each of these were hilarious.

I had not watched any “Twilight Zone” episodes in quite awhile. I saw two last evening. One featured a very young William Shatner who is a newlywed obsessed with a penny fortune-telling machine. The other show was about an airliner in 1961 flying through a time warp, first the pilots see dinosaurs, then they decide to fly back through the warp and with fuel running low they have to settle for New York in 1938. Although I like some sci-fi, I am not what you would call a big fan. I did, however, like the “Twilight Zone” because of its quirky situations and well-timed suspense.

Sometimes, it is cool to visit the past whether it be through a TV program, a picture album or reading a book. I don’t think I would permanently want to be transported back to the 1930s though.

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