Wine good. Molesting our plastic friends. Not good.

Scientists continue to unveil studies that a hypothesize a little drinking can be good for you. We are still having to wait on whether any correlations can be made between a healthy life and the all fried food diet. Links between drinking wine and healthy living actually made the year’s top diet stories, according to the Associated Press.

Our scientific minds are on the right track. But they do need to draw some solid conclusions about the positive benefits of drinking and a healthy body so we may shout it from the mountain top: “Drink More!”

Of course, we must put in a qualifying statement that drinking too much and driving is a no-no. It also is generally understood that drinking too much of anything — alcohol or not — is usually not very healthy for the bod.

And since most of you know what great fondness this blog has for conceited mannequins, we must also warn that actions such as this shocking news sent by our alert friend Suzie in Arkansas are something that should not be tolerated whether we are drinking or not drinking.

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