What just happened here?

Just after noon I decided to take a walk. I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt. I passed this guy I see sometimes on my walks who lives on Evalon. He had on shorts but wasn’t wearing a shirt. And he commented about how nice a day it was. I agreed. It must’ve been 70-something. Then an hour or two later, I’m working away and I decide to step outside. It’s cool. Now it’s something like 48 or so with the North wind blowing. How could this happen? Spring to winter in a matter of minutes.

Well, of course it is a cold front because it is early February. But no matter how many times I experience a cold front, especially what we call “Blue Northers” here, I always am kind of fascinated and attracted to it. That sure doesn’t happen to me with a warm front. I don’t know why the fascination. I guess because I’ve lived near the Gulf coast most of my life and it really doesn’t get really cold that often here. That isn’t to say it doesn’t get cold because it does.

Perhaps it is change in the cold front that I find appealing. That’s kind of ironic because arthritis has made me a human barometer, or at least that is how it seems. I don’t know but I’ve always had a change jones. I like new experiences, new places, new tastes. I once had a girlfriend tell me: “You know, you’re never happy with what you have.” And you know what? Despite all the other bulls**t she foisted off on me, she was certainly right about that.

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