What’s up? Nothing but the rent, where there is a rental

It’s time to let others do the writing this Friday. I am off to Dallas next week on a work-related trip. At least I will get to stay in a nice hotel. Not that it hasn’t been pleasant here where I have been temporarily staying. Hopefully, I will find somewhere to call home, as in a rental, when I return next weekend. Motels aren’t as cheap as they are portrayed, especially if you have to live in one. Hmmm, perhaps I will look tomorrow at once again putting up a PayPal widget for donations. Meanwhile, if you would like to donate just shoot me a line at eightfeetdeep and I will be happy to send you a mailing address. I will even send back a handwritten, autographed “thank you.” For now, here are some items you might find interesting. Or not.

Facebook: IPO? or IPo’ed?

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and sometimes you just show up — and get rich as the queen’s chocolate jewels.

From the land of fabric-free entertainment

And the mortician reported it took him six hours to remove the smile from the deceased’s face.

Yes, our future looks really … screwed

Those who read these words of wit

No two-headed coins now, boys

Texas council candidates put their conservatism where their pocket lint is.

Why you never see fat astronauts

Gene, Tom, you want my salmon salad? How about a hand wipe?

Think I’ll Watch “All My Children”

This man certainly does need a break. Or maybe a date with Lorena Bobbitt.

Have a fun-der-ful weekend.