Your existential taco is Way down the road

People are constantly searching for signs. Some say: “Show me a sign.” Others know what sign they are looking for such as “Men” and “Women.” They even stop for some periods of time waiting for a particular sign.

This is Dot Man. He strolls through the darkness to tell others when he believes it is safe to cross the street.

Dot Man keeps on truckin’ and truckin’ some more.

In fact, he keeps on keeping on until he gets smacked by Mr. Big Ol’ Hand.

Eventually, Dot Man returns and tells everyone all is safe to cross the street once again.

It’s enough to make one wonder: Why isn’t there a Dot Chicken?


The funny thing about Dot Man is that he is always walking in the same direction. That is a bit curious and seems as if it would be more than just a bit boring.

Perhaps Dot Man would enjoy walking down Commerce to Way.

Way seems as if it would be a nice place.

Ever been to Way? It’s a very tranquil place.

It isn’t full of confusion like its sister city Everywhicha Way.

Dot Man is trying to get away from Way. Or maybe he has lost his Way. As everyone knows, it happens sometimes.

One goes down one path, one goes the other. Then pretty soon, the one going the other finds this Way isn’t the right Way. Of course, there always are those who will say Dot Man was destined to go anyway but the right Way. Dot Man doesn’t care what others say though. He just keeps going into that gentle, or in some cases, not so gentle, night.


Finally, there are those who do not care which way we are going but, rather, how we got there and was ours an authentic trip. Authentic, here is used as in the case of existentialism.

Authentic is as authentic does.

It’s all your journey. It is all your taco. And if others don’t like it, you know what to tell them … Don’t you now?