Wherever Manning goes, the best to him

This afternoon I have tried to write a few thoughts concerning the so-called “amicable divorce” between 11-time Pro Bowl quarterback Peyton Manning and his longtime team the Indianapolis Colts. Nothing has come together. There are a number of reasons, mostly the fact that I have had similar cervical spine surgeries. Mine have left me with chronic pain treated with methadone.

Manning said he plans to play somewhere despite being cut by the Colts as a means of saving more than $30 million. I wish that he would retire, for his own safety and perhaps to save him a little pain although the latter is maybe just wishful thinking. I used to not understand why a man would do such a thing. I guess listening to sports talk radio has helped me realize that football is a way of life for Manning as well as those of his ilk, and not just a sport guys play professionally on Sunday afternoons — or Monday nights or Thursday nights or Sunday nights or Thanksgiving Day, and so forth. It is a job. It is a game. It is more. Okay, I get it.

Eventually, Manning will retire. It might happen after he is brought out of the game on his own power or on a gurney. It may be three years. It might be less.

Bearing all that in mind, the most important facet of the story today in my mind is that Manning will likely not play for my favorite team, the Houston Texans. That is good because I think Texans QB Matt Schaub can lead the team next season to a Super Bowl, a thought that even people more knowledgeable of the game than I have discussed. Whether Manning ends up in a division opponent or even another AFC team might be of concern. Likewise if he plays for a NFC team that will face the Texans next season.

I believe great athletes should, at every opportunity, go out on top. I feel that way for Manning because he is one hell of a quarterback, football player and as well seems like a pretty good guy to boot. But just as was the case when Manning led Indianpolis as an intra-divisional rival against Houston, if he plays my team I hope his team gets beat though I wish him the best of luck and safety. It’s his party and he can cry if he wants to.