Who's gonna make who like chicken fricassicassissy?

A lot of buzz has emerged recently over Sen. John McCain’s eye. Specifically, his eye is droopy or even partially closed. Perhaps McCain is just doing a Popeye imitation. After all McCain was a sailor man. (Or an officer, subtle difference if you are a former swabby like meself). So was McCain’s father and grandfather.

As for what in the heck is going on in Washington with the financial crisis which precipitated McCain’s proposal to postpone the debate, one needs a program to figure out the players and what they are doing. It looked like the Dems had some kind of proposal this morning. This afternoon when Obama and McCain came to town and met with Gee Dubya, it all went to s**t. Go figure.

Now if the whole dodge the debate in Mississippi tomorrow night turns out to be McCain or his handlers didn’t want him to appear with a bad-looking eye that wouldn’t be good. But I saw later pictures and his eye didn’t seem to be askew. Of course, he could have been shot up in the eye with some kind of drugs. Oooh, am I sinister or not?

McCain could have put his campaign on hold to go to Washington, presumably because of the financial crisis, for any number of reasons. He might have truly thought he should do something to help prevent the world from going into a financial panic. He could be afraid that he was going to be left on the floor with Obama wiping him up tomorrow night in Oxford. Then he could have been worried about his eye. I mean, Richard Nixon’s five o’clock shadow in his debate with John Kennedy was believed to have sunk his bid for president, that and the fact Nixon was just naturally creepy. Who knows?

I predict the big debate buzz phrase — provided McCain shows up tomorrow — “I yam what I yam” or “I goes swimmin’ with bow-legged women, I’m Popeye the Sailor Man. Toot toot.”

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