Why are those White House folks so damned quiet? Tell me! Tell me!

All political junkies and partisans from every which-a-ways are “chompin’ at the bit,” literally, if they are horses, to learn the Supreme Court decision on the President’s health care bill which will supposedly be delivered tomorrow. The Los Angeles Times has a piece on their Website titled: “White House unusually quiet before Supreme Court health care decision.” What are the White House folks supposed to do, jump up and down and act like fools and say “Hooo-weee, we will win, we will win? Or we will lose, we lose, we will lose. Or even we will halfway win and halfway lose, we will halfway win and halfway lose.” Holy mosquito. Yes, I know, all these newspaper people have an editor or editors pushing him or her for a story. Something has to be written, even if it is essentially a newspaper story about nothing.

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