A guilty pleasure of Los Lobos listening

Since I have nothing better to do today I should not feel bad that I spent most of the afternoon listening to the various, wonderful tunes on Los Lobos’ Web site. So I am not feeling bad. Quite the contrary. I feel very uplifted that I sat for a couple of hours listening to songs off “Will The Wolf Survive,” “By the Light of the Moon,” and “Kiko” as well as “The Town and the City” and even “Acoustic En Vivo.”

Listening to Los Lobos songs is a little like taking a crash course in musical history. There is absolutely no doubt that this little band from East L.A. is first and foremost a rock and roll band. But they throw in the kitchen sink of styles and genre — jazz, blues, Tex-Mex, Cajun, various Latino styles and perhaps some types of music yet to be invented.

If there are regrets of mine they would include not having listened to enough Los Lobos, such as “Kiko” which is kind of like an East L.A. “Dark Side of the Moon.” Today was the first time I listened to “Kiko.” And I have to say it pretty much knocked my zapatos y calcetines off. There are definitely worst ways to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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