A texting Weiner and his estranged wife. Why is that news?

Journalism has been my chosen profession for 30 years, off and on. I worked full-time as a journalist for 15 years and have freelanced off and on for the past 10 years. For another five or so years I was a “budding” journalist. Why is that important?

I feel quite competent to testify that the so-called “news hole” has for years had a voracious appetite for news to go in that hole. While news hole is an old print journalism term for the amount of non-advertising space, it seems appropriate to use the term for all news. With 24-hour cable and internet, that hole for news is like a death-row prisoner at his last supper. Why is that important?

It is important to keep in mind on days such as today, when a impending divorce of a top aide to Hillary Clinton is the big story.

I speak of the long-needed split between disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin. She is vice president of Clinton’s campaign for president. Abedin also served as the deputy chief of staff when Clinton served as Secretary of State.

Anthony Weiner, well he’s a piece of work. Because Weiner has become a serial “texter” with pictures of his, well, weiner, and the fact that his wife is a somewhat important politico, is why Abedin and Weiner find themselves into the top of today’s news hole. That is, at least, what news executives would tell you is the reason why this is such a big story. I happen to disagree.

Once again, the story of Weiner and Abedin, is big news. So big shot news honchos will tell you. But still, I find myself asking: Why is that important?