A what-questration are you talking about?

This President’s Day off has been spent updating my resume. That task does not mean I am looking for another job. Rather, I am looking for additional jobs. I have to do something, considering the prospect looming only 10 or so days away when “Sequestration” could begin. Here is a handy-dandy little guide as to just what Sequestration is although I could give an answer in three words or less: “It’s a bitch.”

As a career, part-time worker for Sam I face the possibility of as many as 22 days on furlough. Just what that means to me I am unsure. I don’t work every day. I don’t work the same hours every day. Thus, I don’t make the same amount of pay each week, or more importantly, every two weeks. Two is when I get my paycheck. Except when there is a banking holiday like today. I have to wait an extra day to get my pay then.

Unless you work for the government or are somehow tied to the government of Sam, then you may not have thought much about Sequestration. The talking heads on TV speak of it as just another concept to debate. I have hoped for a last-minute deal between the administration and Congress as in the past. But it doesn’t seem to be coming. Sequestration may have what some Democrats think are positive consequences. I think the President may figure if an economic calamity comes he can blame it on the GOP. The Republicans don’t seem to care. A sequester might possibly make the cuts to government that all the little knot-headed Tea Party people want. A win-win as politicians might say.  It may also drive us into another recession or depression. If such does not happen on a national scale surely it will on a personal level.

So when your stock prices start falling like flies into a pesticide fog, remember what happened. Oh that sequestration thing. I think I spoke to some homeless guy on the street a while back who told me that it was what had caused his slide.

Yes, I imagine that had something to do with it, and thank you for your concern, a**hole!

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