And a little boy shall lead them.

Pundits are led quietly out of New Hampshire by a little boy after getting their predictions wrong Tuesday evening.

The New Hampshire primaries are over. So what’s next for the pundits (pictured above) to hype? In the words of whomever wrote “Jinny Crack Corn,” I don’t care. Actually, I do but I don’t today. I’m just plumb tuckered out listening to punditry about the primaries by a bunch of primates, who mostly got their predictions about the winners wrong last night. Hillary and McCain. Yep, they won.

In reality, a strange place if I ever saw one, I had forgotten all about “Jinny Crack Corn.” This article, which is about a film portraying racial discrimination and notes different ways that blacks rebelled against their treatment, explains the song. It — the song — is supposedly from a slave’s point of view that a jinny is cracking, or eating, corn in the corn field and the slave is not doing anything to encourage the jinny to move on because “the massa’s gone away.”

Now it is at this point where I have to point out the whole sordid physiological make up of jinnies, hinnies, etc. A mule is a cross between a mare and a jackass. The mare, of course is a horse of course and no one can talk to a horse of course. Geez. A jackass is a male donkey. A hinny is a cross between a female donkey, known as a “jennet” and a male horse or stallion. This column by a veterinarian explains the whole thing. Read it. You will be tested on it.

This concludes my jackass blog post for the day. Adios, padner.

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