Come on Joe, Sarah, stink it up for humanity's sake!

To show off her superior survival skills, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin plans to field dress this beast during her debate tonight with Sen. Joe Biden.

Well, the spin is spinning fast and furious today over tonight’s smackdown in St. Louis between Sarah “The Puck Stops Here” Palin and Joe “I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Shut Up” Biden.

Palin said in a radio interview with Sean “Nobody’s Perfect Except Me” Hannity today that she has been picked on by the media who were:

” … trying to censor my comments” and said “the state of journalism has changed a bit since I received my degree.” She added that she cares deeply about the freedom of the press but wants more accountability.

Personally, I find her comment about how the state of journalism has changed since she received her degree a bit (well, actually, a lot) laughable given she received her degree in 1987 and only worked a year or two as a sports reporter. The fact that the McCain-Palin campaign has done their best to hand feed the veep candidate to the media and keep her away from reporters’ questions just makes the assertion that much more ridiculous.

I guess the McCain campaign would not be doing their job if they didn’t lower the expectations of Palin’s performance, however. I see that Karl Rove has jumped into the Gwen Ifill debate, meaning that if Palin really bombs there will be even more than the usual ready-made charge that the media is to blame (for everything).

I just hope the debate lives up to the hype from all sides. If it is dull or, God forbid, informative, then where will I put my trust in humanity?

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