Don talking dirty

“That damn-ding-dong-rat-assed-piece-of-fat-belly-crap-faced … ”

Donald Trump always makes news and sometimes it is good. But mostly, he seems to adhere to the adage that there is no bad PR. And now, at this moment, at 5:33 p.m. in East Texas on Friday, Oct. 7, 2016, one most wonder if Trump is having a good/bad PR day.

Not long ago, a report from the Washington Post disclosed a tape in which Trump is overheard talking dirty. That wouldn’t be particularly consequential save for the fact Trump is theĀ  GOP candidate for presidential, and one who has the reputation of a playboy. Trump was recorded on tape with “Access Hollywood” reporter Billy Bush making such claims as grabbing a woman by the crotch (using the P-word.)

The story broke by Washington Post’s David A. Fahrenthold places Trump and his entourage on the set of soap’s “Days of Our Lives” where the now presidential candidate appeared on a cameo. Fahrenthold, by the way, has done some fantastic work this campaign in trying to find the real Donald Trump and his past.

Such recordings may seem of little to do. But perhaps it will knock some folks off the fence who have been vacillating between a potentially good Donald or a vulgar, misogynistic, presidential candidate Trump.

Am I shocked by this? No. I’ve been around worse that this. However, none of the folks I have heard speaking so rudely will ever run for president.

Ya’ll need to think about. I don’t need to because I have and do think Trump is a big bloviating fool.