Perhaps smooth sailing for Hillary provided she doesn’t need a dead play-priest.

For more than six years I have posited on this site that the Republican Party was teetering on the edge of a divorce. Luckily, I wasn’t — at least I hope I wasn’t — stupid enough to say when this split would happen. I would say at this moment we are likely as close as anytime in the history of the Grand Old Party that an implosion of Republicanism could happen as a result of this election.

Hillary: Father Damien, stay the hell away.
Hillary: Father Damien, stay the hell away.

The Republicans have been openly feuding for years — that is not something exclusive of that party — only since the establishment of the Tea Party as a legitimate wing of the GOP has the infighting escalated to an intra-party civil war.

Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, has deeply divided the party since before he announced his intention to seek the White House. There are a number of reasons but mostly because Trump is perhaps the most lying, gas-lighting son of a bitch that has been seen or heard from in any presidential race in history. The tape — need I say more — has caused an open wound that has festered off the television set into our living rooms.

Now the Republican elected class are wringing their hands more than when those people were in school, waiting to make their first speech.

How the tape release will weigh on the presidential race is for us, the voting public, will be partially known in the next 48 or so hours. That will involve waiting to see what happens until the second debate between Hillary Clinton and Trump tomorrow evening. Then one final debate, the vote and the Electoral College, will hopefully nail all of this malarkey down. Certainly, anything can happen which will make voters wholly reject Clinton and whomever runs whether Trump or, whatever dog and pony show the GOP puts together.

This has been a miserable week for Donald Trump, the worst. It would seem as if Hillary would be a lock. As my ex-pat friend in Tokyo, Paul, said today in a rich What’s Up chat:

 “The only way Clinton can fuck this up is if her head spins around and she hurls green vomit at the audience on Sunday.”

Hopefully, Father Damian will not be needed for an exorcism.



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