Grab a hold of this election guide

An interesting little time-waster found its way to me via e-mail this morning. Jon Rubenstein of the comparison shopping site — and who actually has read my blog — noted in his e-mail that the site added a new feature which lets people do comparison shopping for their favored presidential candidate.

John said one feature of PriceGrabber’s Election Guide is “a Candidate Match survey, in which voters choose their stances on the issues, and PriceGrabber matches the candidate that best represents the voters’ views.”

After completing the survey and looking at the results, I must say I was a little surprised that the candidate matching my views the most were, in this order:

1. Hillary
2. Barack
3. Mike Gravel
4. John McCain
5. Ron Paul
6. Mike Huckabee

I realize, of course, that the survey is issues-based and are written without a lot of wiggle room. But to think I might even consider Mike Huckabee (or the sometimes-flaky Ron Paul) just leaves me shaking my head in awe.

I have not yet checked out the rest of the site, but will. Nonetheless, I thought I’d give Jon’s company and the election feature a plug — especially since Jon agrees with me that Festivus should be made an official holiday. So have fun with the election tool, be amazed, be the life of the party, make a drinking game out of it. Cheers!

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