Upon hearing Mr. Bill across the street

For some reason or the other I thought Bill Clinton was coming to our fair town yesterday. Instead, he is here right now. Or, rather, he was just speaking across the street from the Beaumont (Texas) Public Library where I now type this. I hadn’t intended to see Bill. But walking up to the library I saw a big crowd and a few of the local TV satellite trucks with their antennae up. And I heard the unmistakable omnipresent hoarse voice of Mr. Bill, so I said: “What the hay?”

I didn’t hear Bill speak for very long. In fact, the best I could make out of his message was that we should all vote for Billary, er, Hillary. And I suspect that would have been his whole message no matter how long I had been there.

Although I don’t loathe Bill Clinton like some I don’t particularly care much for him either. That is mostly because “Sleaze” seems to be part of his political personna. But he is a very charismatic man who happens to have been elected twice as president of our country. So, in the words of someone, somewhere: “That’s something.”

Also, it’s kind of nice taking a walk in your fair city and seeing a major historical/political figure speaking somewhat unexpectedly and having the ability to take it in. Somehow that is my ideal of our democratic system of government. Whether it has anything to do with reality or not is a horse of a different color.

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