Here is an idea: A wet and wild GOP debate.

One round was all that I could handle. I speak of the most recent Republican presidential candidate debate held on CBS. I did see co-moderator Scott Pelley, the CBS heir to the evening news throne, get spanked by Mitt Romney. Pelley told the Mitt that his time was up. It was and Romney called him on that. I bet whomever was responsible for that behind stage got taken to the woodshed by Pelley. But Pelley was wrong. Mitt was right. And I don’t care.

What I didn’t hear and what wasn’t said was perhaps one of the most important discussions to come out of this whole three-ring circus. I speak on the question of whether water boarding is torture. More than one candidate, including Mitt, said nothing. Herman Cain, Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann were all for bringing it back. If they are so much for it, then why don’t they volunteer to be water boarded? That would certainly make the seemingly never-ending series of debates more interesting.

Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman spoke against water boarding. If only they could build a candidate that was the good parts of Ron Paul, such as his forthright stand on this and other civil liberties issues, plus many of the good portions that is Jon Huntsman, perhaps they would have a halfway sensible person running for president. Of course, Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman will not be the GOP candidate for president.

The president has reminded the country that he signed an Executive Order prohibiting torture using, among other methods, water boarding. Good for him. I mean, good for him signing the EO. And touting it. He might as well define good versus evil.

While they’re at it:

Good Hair, how much in Texas taxpayer funds has been spent on your security during this ill-advised run for presidential candidate?

Perry: Glub, glub

Congresswoman Bachmann, what kind of evil have you done in your life and have you ever cheated on your taxes?

Bachmann: Glub, glub

Godfather Cain, how many women who worked for you did you hit on?

Cain: Glub, glub

The next debate moderators might bring along their rain wear should the route taken include water boarding the candidates.

Host: And good evening, glub, glub.