Texans find themselves Schaub-less. Take a deep breath, let it out …

If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all. Or I wouldn’t have no luck at all, if you’re into double negatives. However you say it, that seems the motto for my Houston Texans. The Texans, on a four-game winning streak and at the top of the AFC South at 7-3, have a habit of losing key starters just as their situation looks promising. First there was the NFL’s best receiver, Andre Johnson, sensational linebacker Mario Williams and now quarterback Matt Schaub. Johnson has been practicing and could be back during any future game but the prospects are less promising for Williams, with a torn pectoral muscle, and Schaub. The latter has a misfranc, or midfoot, fracture of the foot.

The sporting Van Pelts. Lucy, r, and Linus.

Plenty of nay-sayers say nay when it comes to former USC Heisman winner Matt Leinart taking over for Schaub at QB. Much of the derision stems from his Southern California roots where he led USC to a national championship. Like current Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, Leinart has been labeled a “pretty boy.” And while photos of Leinart in a hot tub with a crowd of scantily-clad beautiful women doesn’t help his cause — I’m sure it wasn’t personally detrimental — the man’s got some talent or he wouldn’t be where he is today. Leinart didn’t get the job done at Arizona on his first pro stop, but on the sidelines with Head Coach Gary Kubiak, the backup has been in the spot to learn what he needs to know. Whether he applies it is the big question.

Something also to remember: The Texans are 7-3 now with a good many of those wins without Johnson or Williams. This is a big step for the Texans, a team that has never made the playoffs. A little faith in their abilities is difficult as they’ve dealt themselves multiple times the old “Lucy Van Pelt,” you know, come up like Charlie Brown to kick the ball only to have Lucy pull the ball away. But it seems a fan has two choices in such a situation. Either you stop watching or paying any attention whatsoever to your team, or you have a little faith. Well, there is a third choice, which is kind of waiting in between, while holding your breath. I will be doing the latter. I will take time to breathe however.


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