Here is wishing you all a Trump-free weekend

Here it is — the weekend!! Hip, hip, hurray! I just turned off CNN as it overdosed me once more on Trump. Trump sued Cruz. Trump says boycott Apple until they allow the FBI to unlock a iPhone of one of the dead San Bernardino terrorists. Trump, Trump, Trump. CNN can’t get enough of Trump. While it is de facto Trump News Network, perhaps it will be set  in stone. All of the Trump News all of the time! Dancing headless pygmies! Enough with Donald J. Freaking Trump.

Think I have had enough Trump? The short answer is yes, just as the long answer is yes. If Trump had a Native-American name, it might be “Old Horse Hair Head Who Speaks All Kinds Of Bullshit!”

So I will leave things here for you all to digest. Or ignore. Have a great Trump-Free Weekend.