Hey Trump, you can fix everything. Fix the parking at the Houston VA Hospital.

My nerves jangle these days when I hear Donald Trump speak on things he obviously knows little about. That makes for a lot of jangling. His “bull in a China shop” way of taking on various problems — like deporting 11 million illegal immigrants — defies that which is merely ludicrous. When I hear Trump talk about problems with the VA, I just want to throw things at him though I do need a functioning TV scream.

The Donald. Photo by Michael Vadon. Courtesy Wikimedia Creative Commons
The Donald. Photo by Michael Vadon. Courtesy Wikimedia Creative Commons

Trump cites stories in which a vet waited for six days in a VA emergency room to get care. Not one for the details, Trump did not say whether he stayed in the waiting for those six days or whether he went back home at the end of day. Having been to four VA hospitals over 30 years, I can’t imagine someone waiting in a VA emergency room who had to wait even a day for emergency care.

Fix this Trump!
Fix this Trump!

Quite a few of Trump’s prevarications have been analyzed over the past year or so when it comes to veterans isssue.

One such claim by The Donald is that Arizona Republican Sen. John S. McCain had abandoned the veterans and had  written legislation that would cover up the Arizona VA Hospital scandal. Read this story from factcheck.org.

As for the big “telethon” he held for veterans a few weeks ago — a product of Trump’s enormous ego while dodging Fox News’ Megyn Kelly at a debate — an article over the past weekend recorded only three of the 22 veterans groups has received any of the $6 million Trump raised. This information comes via the Republican blog Red State.

Trump has no idea what problems our nation’s veterans face. He can shoot off his mouth about some portion of  a problem the VA has and says he can fix it, nuthin’ to it. He can fix things with a snap of a finger. He doesn’t say how he would fix it.

Here is a problem at the VA hospital where I see doctors. It should be right up the builder and showman’s alley. The Dr. Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Medical Center in Houston has a horrific parking problem. There are really, in fact, two parking lots for patients and visitors to the 118-acre facility. There is a company from California that is contracted to operate a valet service. The rest of the space for parking goes to its more than 4,100 employees. And even some of the employees report having difficulty finding parking.

The line for valet parking is always a long one. Once you pull up and have someone take your car, there is no telling how long it will take for the patient to wait on his car coming back. I don’t do the valet parking. I don’t like someone else driving my truck. I don’t know the valet’s competency or whether the driver might hurt themselves and sue me.

So, when I plan a trip from Beaumont to Houston I put in at least an extra half-hour for parking. I have driven around in one of the lots for as long as 45 minutes, just driving around the parking lot in circles. When I spot someone head to a car, I’m on it. I pull  up near the departing driver and signal to see if he is pulling out. I have had luck. I’ve had no luck.

The VA says that a parking structure is being built. No word yet as to how long it will take and how many cars it will hold. I fear that building more spaces will bring more cars. VA officials in Houston have said one problem that was fought was that the free parking was used by employees of other hospitals within the Texas Medical Center. These employees would park and catch a city bus to work. Supposedly, that is solved now with cross-arms and tickets that must be validated inside. So WWTD? What Would Trump Do?

Parking? Trump might ask with bluster.” That’s below me. Tell the head guy there to go build a big tower. We will name it Donald Trump Parking Tower”. It will likely cost $20 million and be the victim of continuous cost overruns. By the time the structure is finished it will be obsolete.

Just a little thought about Donald Trump and his veterans plans.

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