Hope in one hand …

It’s Monday. Oh joy. I am tired. I ache. Most of my ache remains from a fall I took more than a week ago into the bathtub while taking a shower. Yeah, don’t. My neck on the right side has hurt more in the past few weeks than I can recall in several years. X-rays were taken on my ribs and a CT scan on my neck. This was last week when I went to the VA emergency room while staying in Houston. Nothing was broken, they said. But I still hurt.

No one really cares about my aches, I know. I just think I owe those who still read my blog an excuse. On second thought, I really don’t.

But I will say this. That damned Donald Trump! I know some people like him, or see him the only alternative to Hillary Clinton. But there really is no alternative, that is, if you want your vote to represent something — like not losing.

I hope the Trump chump will not go all litigious on the political system. There is much that I hope. What’s that saying? Hope in one hand, s**t in the other?