That “guy” is driving his party nuts.

Okay. I will no longer, at least until I decide I will, use the name “Donald Trump,” or “Trump,” or “The Donald,” or any such combinations including “that ass***e Trump.” In keeping with my present guidelines, I will just make a few comments on the Republican candidate for U.S. president.

It seems the headline today for political news would be “Disarray!” Yes, and make that hed in big old 72-point, bold letters.

There is no doubt plenty of dumpster fires are around for the Republicans to extinguish as the GOP candidate continues shooting off his mouth. But there is one thing continuing to work in favor of the big orange man, that is the networks — especially the cable ones — can’t stop talking about him. That he can control the news cycle has worked in his favor, such as during the primary when these networks gave him virtually free advertising.

Still, as my friend Paul in Tokyo said some time over (my) night on the What’s App chat app:

 “Yep, Meg Whitman, the dominoes are falling.”

“I’m not quite there yet,” the GOP candidate said, mocking Paul Ryan’s hesitation.

My question is where will all those former strippers — those who act as the GOP candidate’s surrogates on the news shows — go?

I know. That isn’t nice. But what the hay? I don’t like my Goebbles in short skirts (or anywhere else for that matter.)