Irresolution 2012 plus Veterans Day freebies

It’s time to elect a president. What can be said that hasn’t already been said a million, billions of times?

I make no bones or joints or ligaments about it, I support another term for President Barack (Yes, Hussein) Obama. No one elected to the most powerful position on Earth will be perfect. The President is not perfect. He has never indicated he is. But Mitt Romney deals in lies. He may be a very nice man. In fact, I would expect him to be as I have found most people of the Latter Day Saints faith to be exceedingly nice and polite. Oh but how that man can spout untruths.

Mitt wants voters to buy a pig in a poke, even those folks who don’t eat pork! He says he has plans although he “cannot” tell us the details until he is elected. I could go on and on. But it has all been said before as I said before and has been said by the Department of Redundancy Department and the Natural Guard. Thanks to Firesign Theater for that final phrase.

On another note, B♭ major I believe, Veterans Day is Monday. Not only is it a paid seven hours for me, there is an abundance of freebies for active duty and veterans. In fact, I might have a choice in where to eat relative free for lunch and dinner that day.

Here is a list.

I’m off to work after a routine trip to the Veterans Affairs Clinic. I will most likely be back here this evening for election returns. Heigh ho!

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