Who will win POTUS? Go ahead and make your prediction.

A very painful hangnail on my right thumb is making typing an uncomfortable chore this afternoon. I could show it to you. I’ve got the technology to do that. If I played around with it enough I could probably take the picture even though it is kind of difficult to shoot since I am right-handed. It is just as well I don’t show you because it’s kind of gross. Hopefully, the nail problem won’t get any worse before my scheduled doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. I can also use the side of my thumb to type the Space Bar on my keyboard even though that takes a bit more effort.

So as I shoot on into my weekend, sore thumb and all, I thought I would share something that might be of interest. Well, it might not be of interest but you might just learn something. I found this explanation of the Electoral College provided by the National Archives. It actually is part of the U.S. Electoral College Home Page, which is provided by the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration. Yes, even the Electoral College has a home page.

In addition to explaining just what the heck this Electoral College is and who really elects POTUS, one may even make their state-by-state prediction as to who will win. Go ahead and give it a spin, or a click. You’ve got nothing to lose here unlike with the real thing.

Have fun!

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