Not quite tropically depressed

I took some pictures of North Street in Beaumont, Texas, this morning before I left for some errands. Unfortunately, the shots didn’t come out so well.

Had the photos been of near-blog quality or, somehow, better they would have shown my street looking as if we had landed in Venice (the one in Italy). It has rained heavily this morning due to a low-pressure system in the Gulf of Mexico that didn’t quite become an “official” tropical depression.

But alas, it is tropical enough to make me want to break out my old Jimmy Buffet cassettes and drink hurricanes or, at the very least, Barq’s Root Beer.

The rain added on to the soaking we had yesterday. The combination of the relentless rain and poor driving made for some interesting driving in the ‘hood. Driving in water that is elevated – yet not quite swift enough to sweep you away and onto a daring rescue shown on CNN — is a bit like driving a boat near other boaters. You try to avoid making a wake that will fill the other guy’s car up with water. Also, driving fast and braking quick isn’t the best of ideas.

I’m heading home in a few, hopefully it will be smooth sailing for the time being. That is, at least until the next wave of rain comes to dump upon us. Did I ever tell you that I really like the rain? Call me crazy, but yeah, I do.

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