One debate and the closer we will be to an end

This is it. Tonight’s the night.

Yes, it is the final presidential debate. One might hope for this to be an uplifting talk about issues the new president will face in January. But hope in the one hand and …

So far, it sounds as if another miserable, dirty, discouraging contest will take place on a stage in “Sin City,” Las Vegas, Nev.

CNN reports that Donald Trump will have a “never-before-seen” accuser of Bill Clinton, some local TV news reporter who worked in Arkansas who reportedly said Clinton sexually assaulted her when he was governor.

If this smacks of desperation from Trump it is. The Donald is in the tank and so he has spent the last week or so creating an alibi in the, seemingly likely outcome of his defeat next month. That is, of course, “this election is rigged,” excuse.

I really don’t look forward to this nastiness. I imagine many prospective voters feel the same way. But this whole damned campaign has been in this manner.

One facet of this election that truly makes me sad is the propaganda machine that has helped create the illusion among Trump voters in which a Hillary Clinton presidency would mean the end of our lives as we know it.

There definitely will be some changes in our lives, especially if a purging of Republicans in Congress happens. My guess is that the House will remain controlled by Republicans, but perhaps by a much slimmer majority. The Senate looks to be different. If the presidency and Senate is controlled by Democrats then some change will potentially take place, including the possibility of a more liberal Supreme Court majority.

I also hear these fears, which are frankly unfounded, that the Second Amendment will be abolished. That will not happen, that is, unless the NRA and irresponsible gun owners force the government’s hand.

Hillary Clinton is first and foremost a moderate Democrat who will not significantly upset the apple cart. You Trump true believers out there may not believe me, but that is your problem, not mine.

The sooner this debate is over and the votes are counted after next month’s election, the better our democracy will be. That is provided Donald Trump isn’t elected and he accepts that outcome.