Trump the ungrateful pr**k

What if there was a Donald Trump rally and no media came?

My definition of insanity is the way Trump has treated media during his campaign. His remarks of how the media is “disgusting” liars spur some of his more crazed groupies onto threatening and even assaulting some of the reporters and other media at his rallies.

The GOP candidate at a press conference. What he does with that finger has his staff worried.
The GOP candidate at a press conference. What he does with that finger has his staff worried.

Trump has lately driven the insane idea that the media and establishment are combining to rig the election in favor of the Democrats and their candidate, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The polls showing Trump losing are also a major target of scorn.

I have said this and I will say it again. I covered President George W. Bush throughout his political career. I’m not saying this was a full-time gig. Thank heavens that was not the case. I did interview him one-on-one while he was stumping for his father, President George. H. W. Bush, during the older’s losing campaign against Bill Clinton. I also attended various events during his terms as governor of Texas as well as president. The latter included press events at the Crawford ranch and at Fort Hood. All of this I say to make the point that I saw Gee Dubya go from a pretty affable guy to a thin-skinned politician. But against Donald Trump, there is no contest as to who is most sensitive to criticism or ridicule.

Trump, one must admit, is a master manipulator. He beat more than a dozen candidates including Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz in the primaries. Trump did this calling in to TV and radio programs, being everywhere and holding massive rallies. No worries about finding donors, Trump said. It’s all on him — and the free media exposure, of course.

But things changed after the political conventions and since Trump has been locked in a mostly losing battle for U.S. president with Hillary Clinton.

Recently, the signs are fairly ominous for The Donald as his campaign has faltered and he has been stuck in a contest for whose past is more toxic to voters. Hillary has her problems, the e-mail controversy, Benghazi and Wiki Leaks. The latter has mostly captured e-mails from a Clinton and Democratic campaign that is rather ugly. Still, she hasn’t made any comments that she favors sexually assaulting other men or women. Thank God for small favors!

So Trump goes on and on complaining about a media that made him what he is today. That is, a Republican candidate for president, albeit an apparently failing one. I have been continually wrong about his prospects. But barring some bombshell that Hillary shot a man in Reno just to watch him die, it appears she will be elected president two weeks from today.

From what stunts Trump has pulled to screw over reporters, calling supposed press conferences that were really infomercials for his company, I would really love the media, at least once, to boycott the rest of his campaign rallies. He hates the media so much, so what will be an outcome would be without them? That won’t happen. There are just too many greedy shits who get filthy rich in media conglomerates. The guys and gals who do what I did, though at a much different level, are the ones who suffer through all the crap at rallies from an ungrateful candidate.

I never thought I would say this, but I truly hope HRC wins. I just think Donald Trump is too dangerous to elect. I also hope her win is a landslide with at least the U.S. Senate being back in Democratic hands. A Dem majority in the House would be a real Christmas gift. Although, I don’t see that happening.

In two weeks we shall see what we shall see. I don’t really expect him to concede defeat but hopefully HRC’s totals will be sufficient to ensure Trump will finally be exposed for what he has long been — a loser.

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