Our long national nightmare, redux?

Happy Birthday  to me.

Here I sit, turned 61 years old. Freak sauce! That’s old. Well, not compared with other people. Willie Nelson is 83. He celebrates like its his birthday every day by smoking some kind of magical herb. Out in Luckenbach, Texas, ain’t nobody feelin’ no pain. Or anywhere else Willie happens to be,

I celebrated by going across the highway and having me a nice lunch of fried aquatic creatures. Catfish, oysters, crab cake, shrimp, stuffed shrimp and frog legs. Oh and a margarita on the rocks. Some blues was playing. It sounded like B.B. King. But there was a bit more bluesy version I overheard of the soulful Louisiana Larue’s “New Orleans Lady.” I had never heard a version by B.B. if in fact that was his rendition. In all, it was a very nice lunch.

FBI Director James Comey might have just screwed the election.
FBI Director James Comey might have just screwed the election.

Back in the crib, I kicked back with a glass of Jameson’s Irish Whiskey, only to hear the news that the FBI is looking at e-mail that could be tied to the Clinton e-mail investigation. This was certainly ill timed. There was nothing to indicate that there is any wrong-doing by Clinton. The new probe stemmed from an investigation into alleged sexting by former congressman Anthony Weiner to an under-aged girl, according to CNN. Weiner is married to, though now separated from, top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

How FBI Director James Comey let top Republican congressmen know by letter of this revelation and let the candidate as well as the White House, know around the same time as the media, a, is certainly questionable procedure. Although Comey is a Republican and has continued in his role as the agency director, such action immediately raises questions, especially with the general election only 11 days away. Who knows, maybe he got an offer for a Supreme Court seat if Trump wins. I’m just saying.

I have never gone into this election thinking Hillary Clinton is pure as the driven snow. She is a sleazeball attorney like her husband, the former two-term president. But if being a sleazy lawyer disqualifies someone from elected office, we’d never have most of our presidents and a majority of our lawmakers.

But, I do think Clinton is the only real alternative for a president. That is the reason I and who knows how many millions of voters, have already cast their ballots early for her.

Trump is a runaway train. He is dangerous. He is also a liar and perhaps he is a serial molester of women. His “bro-mance” with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is most scary. Trump has little patience for facts, truth or reality. Mike Pence is a religious zealot and likes to fly with his right wing (which saw his campaign slide off into the mud at New York’s LaGuardia airport last evening.)

I saw an interesting opinion just now on Jake Tapper’s “The Lead,” on CNN. A former spokesman for Attorney General Eric Holder, Matt Miller, told Tapper that Comey had broken the agency’s own rules by raising a case at a time that it might influence an election.

I hope Comey hasn’t really f**ked our nation completely. Perhaps the Clinton followers, or perhaps more distinctly the anti-Trump people, will still follow their instincts and elect Hillary. If nothing else, were a Clinton-Kaine ticket is elected, and should Clinton somehow leave office, then we have Kaine. He has a weird eyebrow, but other than that, he seems better than all of the alternatives.


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