Our new mascot

Welcome to our new EFD mascot, the Carey Salt Soldier, guarding our right flank. A fine looking sentinel he is and no doubt salt of the Earth. He was chosen for his good looks and his qualities, which I will not touch here with a 10-foot pole. This comes courtesy of James Lileks, whose outstanding Web page is linked in my blogroll. Carey was among the “Orphanage of Cast-off Mascots” within Lileks’ hilarious “Institute of Official Cheer,” which includes the famous and witty “The Gallery of Regrettable Food.”

Lileks is a conservative columnist with the Star-Tribune in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. His political columns are humorous even if you don’t necessarily agree with his point of view. He also has the “Backfence” column which is a more interactive and fitting place for Lileks’ brand of humor.

During my relatively young fling with the Internet, Lileks was one of the first with whose work I have become severely and unabashedly attached. He is one of the finest writers in the media, plain and simple. I urge you to check out his work every chance you get. You will find something that tickles your fancy unless you have had a humor bypass.

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