Prez candidates, surrogates, "kind of" stump here

Bill, most notably of power couple Billary, was supposedly in our fair city today campaigning for the “illary” part of Billlary.

“President Clinton is coming because Beaumont is a very important part of the state, and both President Clinton and Sen. Clinton feel that it’s important to reach out to as many Texans as possible, ” said an e-mail sent to the localBeaumont (Texas) Enterprise.”

Apparently the Clinton campaign felt important was too important a word to be left out of an important press advisory during an important presidential campaign in an important nation on an important planet that is part of an important solar system. Whew!

This important visit by Bill was to be held at Carlito’s, a popular Mexican restaurant that is in a neighborhood that has a high Hispanic (and thus important) population. I’m sure old Bill got his fill of salsa, chips y frijoles before he left.

Meanwhile, the important main opponent of the important Clintons gave a slight nod to the importance of our area last night when Barack O’Bama (Provided he wants to claim he is Irish) appeared on a local TV news show via satellite. Barack was also appearing on several other TV stations elsewhere in Texas. This is a phenom where government officials or politicians help provide the impression that the local TV station or newspaper is somehow “important” enough to rate an interview with the likes of some famous official. This is not unlike a phone conference I once had with about 10 other Texas newspapers reporters and then Attorney General Janet “Dancing Party” Reno.

Such Tom Foolery. It’s enough to make you proud to be an A-mehr-i-can. And that’s important don’t you know?

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