Romney, cable media making hay while the sun shines

Enough already!

The killings of the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three aides is tragic and now seems to compound what madness Sept. 11 evokes. That is why it is sickening that some of those in cable news and Mitt Romney were lightning fast in making political hay out of the senseless violence. It is not surprising that Romney and his lackeys at Fox would condemn the president before knowing all the facts. They would run over their own grandmothers for political advantage. Most irritating is that they did it so quickly and it got so old by the morning news on cable that I wanted to throw something at the TV. (It isn’t my TV so I restrained myself, fortunately.)

Since I don’t watch Fox News I cannot say who the blond-haired twit was on one of its morning broadcasts who asked conservative-leaning political talking head Larry Sabato of University of Virginia: (Paraphrasing) Do you think this will have an effect on the presidential election? I have called on Sabato in a pinch back in the day, apparently I was not by myself. He told the Foxette, without being condescending as I would have been, that it was too early to tell. Of course, that was an understatement since the details at the time were still very preliminary. I suppose that is just Fox being Fox.

Funny I can recognize Dr. Sabato but I can’t recognize the blonde. I think it might have been Megan Kelley but I’m not sure. All the CNN blondies look the same to me.

Romney clearly jumped the gun, putting his first comments out last night which lashed out at the administration for a statement released from the U.S. embassy in Egypt. The message condemned a film supposedly offensive to Muslims which allegedly sparked protests in Egypt and Libya. This is all very questionable right now. What is not questionable is that it also broke what was a gentleman’s agreement that the campaigns would back off politics on 9/11.

If Romney quit while he was ahead — forget saying he was wrong because he is never wrong — it would have been okay. But he keeps getting himself deeper and deeper by affirming his earlier stupidity.

Notably absent from the criticism of the president were the rest of the Republican politburo. At least those who made criticisms made them barely perceptible. Wonder why that is? If I were to guess, Mittens is freaking out.

The cable folks didn’t come off any better in my eyes. So many just wildly speculating, trying to create a controversy where there is none. That is why I say it is just too much. Watching the evening news now on CBS, the latest is that it seems the offensive film may be perhaps the most incidental. It might have been Al-Quida even behind the fatal attack.

And Mitt? To paraphrase news people talking about the spirited speech of former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm at the Democratic National Committee, perhaps this is Mitt Romney’s “Howard Dean moment.”



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