Texas Legislature: Has gone way beyond a “government at your own risk”

It seems that I have read less about the current Texas Legislature than any other such state session during my life as a writer. Part of it is that many of the papers I  now read online have cut back or cut out their state Capitol bureaus. Still, there are plenty other blogs where I can get my fill of news on the State Lege goings on. Perhaps bills such as this one gives me pause before reading more.

The jackasses like those legislators quoted in the story linked above make me wish we could abolish our state House and Senate altogether. These folks want Texas law enforcement officers to refuse enforcement of federal “gun control” laws. The damn fools would even tune the law to where cops who do make arrests for these new offenses may be jailed. Why not just ban state and local fuzz from making arrests on any federal charges? Perhaps I should not say that loudly. These idiot lawmakers might just consider that.

Not that any of these laws will even go anywhere.

It doesn’t take a lawyer to figure out that these laws prohibiting enforcement of federal offenses will not — even in the long-shot that the laws are passed — pass muster in higher federal courts. And the legislators know that. They don’t care. These cats just want to waste our time and our money making laws strictly to make a point.

The last time I visited the Capitol on a news story was 2005. This was the session after the “Killer D’s” fled the state to Oklahoma to prevent redistricting. Those Democrats should have just kept on going. We now not only have a Republican majority in the Texas Legislature. We have a fool’s majority. And it makes me want to spend a lot less time on reading what these fools are up to. I know that is not being a responsible citizen. But you have to pick and choose sometimes.

Having the state lawmakers in session has always been “government at your own risk.” It has gone way beyond that stage.


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