Where does time go (on vacation?)

No, I didn’t go away. I’m still here. But I have to head out to work in about 30 minutes as I am working until 2000 hours. That’s 8 p.m. I don’t know why I used 24-hour time. I hardly used 24-hour time while in the Navy. It’s really easier, though, to use a 24-hour clock as opposed to 12 hour. The whole 12 a.m. and 12 p.m. thing can get confusing.

Why I am rambling on about time, I don’t know. I suppose it has something to do that I have 35 minutes to get to work. All I have to do is pack up my computer and a few things, head to the Sam-mobile and drive about six miles to work. Usually I wait to the last minute to leave though. I am sure that is all of supreme interest to you all, whoever you all are. Anyone out there from out of town? Let me take a look at Stat Counter and I will see.

Well, I see visitors from 28 different countries, the last being the Dominican Republic. The top five countries for visitors to EFD are:

United States. No surprise.

Canada. 25 hits. That’s pretty good.

South Africa. 11 hits. I bet most are trying to find out if Bishop Lekganyane made it rain. That was eight years ago and people are still inquiring.

France. Freedom fries anyon

United Kingdom. Queen Elizabeth personally reads my blog.

I have put off my departure for work too long. Time to go. Later gator.

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