The T-word

Earlier, I thought about writing something concerning that national, and likely international menace we all face, namely Donald Trump.

I must admit I had mixed feelings about the hundreds of protesters who have been dogging the leading GOP candidate. On the one hand, I was happy to see him shut down in Chicago. One wonders, however, whether that whole scene was a set-up to earn sympathy for Trump after his continual baiting of young protesters. Anyone with a brain should have known that the inner-city campus of University of Illinois at Chicago would bring out all kinds of young, racially-diverse people.

Then Trump calls up the TV networks that night to make himself the victim despite his calls for supporters to level violence on those who protest his rallies. He just keeps on talking, ignoring and oblivious to the ideas that this violence might have been caused, at least in part, by Trump. He calls the protesters “thugs,” a prominent GOP code word for “blacks.” He said the protesters were dangerous, swinging their fists all over the place. That is even though the only real connecting punches that could be seen were thrown by the 70-something Trump supporter at a rally last week.

Trump is quite simply, a liar and a hypocrite. However, many Republican candidates have both of those qualities. I can’t imagine what those in other civilized countries are thinking.

Whether Trump will “wrap” up his nomination in tonight’s results is hard to say. Most anti-Trump Republicans fear his nomination because they feel he is most vulnerable in the General Elections. Of course, there is still the Cleveland GOP convention this summer. And, if he is actually nominated, he might pick some off-the-wall vice presidential pick like John McCain did with Sarah Palin.

Hopefully, this menace Trump will be slowed down enough so the media can start digging up dirt on him rather than kissing his ass at every turn.

That is all I have to say. Here is a pretty  good wrap-up in Slate about the pathetic Republican candidate.