Weekend update: Trump violence and Rubio-Kasich weirdness

The Republican presidential campaign keeps getting weirder and even more disgusting.

Sen. Marco Rubio is running hard to get all the delegates from his home state of Florida. At the same time, Rubio is encouraging supporters in Ohio to vote for the Buckeye State Gov. John Kasich to deny a delegate sweep by Donald Trump. Kasich does not seem to appreciate the help. Personally, I’m kind of getting tired of Kasich¬† and his holier-than-thou act.

Lots of attention is being¬† paid to the violence erupting at Trump rallies, predominately that violence his supporters are committing against protesters. Trump, during last evening’s Republican debate, essentially brushed off the questions about the growing violence at his gatherings. This guy is champ at double-speak. I just can’t see how Trump is fooling so many people. He’s acting like this all some big joke. I don’t know about you but methinks electing a president is a deadly serious business.

When you have a great number of people in Republican politics who are trying nine ways to Sunday to figure out how to deny Trump a nomination in their party. Whether the GOP elders succeed or cave remains to be seen.