Those anger management lessons may just be paying off for Christie

For some reason I found myself singing the old Fats Domino tune this morning, what else, “The Fat Man.” Jeez Louise, that is one great song. It was released in 1950. that was five years before I was born. Then I saw the Fat Man himself about 18 years after I was born. I must have heard him play it there in the Texas Pelican Club in Vinton, La., because Fats played a little of everything that night.

“The Fat Man” was written by Antoine “Fats” Domino and frequent co-writing partner — also like Fats a New Orleans legend — Dave Bartholomew. Songs like that never seem to fall in the irrelevant pile. The music and words — “The girls, they all love me/’Cause I know my way around” — provide more meaning as you get older. It took me almost 40 years to figure out “Like a one-eyed jack peeping in the seafood store,” sad to say. If there is anything askew with Fats’ song is that line: “They call, they call me the fat man, ‘Cause I weigh two-hundred pounds.” Hell, I’d love to weigh 200 pounds. I don’t know if I’ll ever see 200 again, if so, I hope it is because of good dieting and working out. Harrumph!

Maybe the reason the song came to mind was because all I could find on the TV this morning before work was talk about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and “Bridgegate.” How freaking original. Watergate happened back in the early-to-mid 1970s. Can’t editors use a little part of their brain to come up with something much less hackneyed than that? I mean that is just sad.

The Washington political reporting crowd are just like starving alligators in the Southeast Texas bayous. They’re hungry and they’ll take a dead chicken or a live Cajun, “it don’t make no never mind.” The presidential election will eventually start. And you couldn’t have expected The Big Man Christie, just to set him apart from Fats, to fall on his sword. Oh and between Christie and Fats Domino, there is no comparison. Christie knows his way around a doughnut. Okay, I shouldn’t have said that, especially since I too am plump.

Christie fired two aides and apologized to Fort Lee, N.J. for blocking lanes on the George Washington Bridge. At least one woman died after she suffered a heart attack and her ambulance was caught up in the traffic snarl, according to one New Jersey EMS chief. If it can or could be proved Christie was involved in the petty scheme to create a traffic jam, then the potential Republican presidential candidate might just have screwed the pooch.

Some say Christie is a bully. He just says he is to the point. Is he petty enough to cause people to die from emergency services slow-downs? If so, he isn’t just a bully, he’s a freakin’ criminal.

Something tells me Christie wasn’t involved though. He may be a bully. He might just be a big ol’ Jersey loudmouth. Oh, and I don’t think he went off on any reporters, at least on camera this morning during his televised press conference. But I don’t think he’s stupid. That’s just me talking though.