Well, it looks like another four years for our President (hopefully)

I’ve been on Facebook with my high school friends while awaiting the news. Yes, President Obama. The man whose campaign I gave $5 to has been re-elected to a second term, according to CNN.

Rehashing our crazy high school days was a lot more fun. A friend with views similar to mine and another whose is way opposite to mine helped put me in touch at least for a few minutes on how things, such as long-time friends, are much more important than red and blue. Another very close friend, who fought like cats and dogs with me about politics since I first met her more than 30 years ago, wished ” … congrats and condolences. The system worked.”

My friend Suzie said it all. “The System worked.”

Friends, relatives, country men and women, lend me your ear. Okay, don’t lend me your ear. That would be extra nasty. But we need a more perfect union. This nation has problems bigger than our parties or religions or colors of bandannas for our dogs — I don’t have a dog and haven’t had one in many years but I’d like to have one again some day.

Yes, the late Rodney King had problems and had others caused by having his head bashed in by rogue cops. But he said it all in the wake of riots which followed acquittals of the cops who beat him: “Can we all along?”

Well, the Romney campaign isn’t ready to concede. I hope Mittens doesn’t screw with the people who have spoken. Awwwww.

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