Swaziland asks WTF?

Here I am with CNN election “Election Night in America, Yee Haw!” and John King is going crazy with his Magic Board (TM). He dares anyone to get near his Magic Board and his Magic Percentages. Whappp! There he goes delivering a right to Wolf Blitzer’s chin while he does a quick kick to Anderson Cooper’s balls.

No comment.

I wonder what those who are living in countries outside the U.S. of A. — all those who aren’t ex-pats — make of all the precinct-by-precinct coverage of the presidential election? Alex Castellanos, Republican contributor for CNN, says it isn’t looking good for Mitt Romney. The most recent visitors from outside the U.S. to EFD come from, among other places, U.S., U.K., South Africa, Brazil, Australia (G’day!), Ireland, Italy, Japan (What’s happening, Paul?), Canada, India, Swaziland, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Botswana, Malaysia, Korea, Argentina (Don’t cry for me!) If you are watching this spectacle, the U.S. General Elections, you might understand how confused I was the first time I watched a cricket match in Australia. Figuring out the bar hours in New South Wales wasn’t all that easy to determine, at least back there in the olden times (1977.)

Ah America, ain’t she a Grand Ol’ Lady?

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